Midweek Warm-up: Bayern Munich is exactly what we thought they would be; How Bayern won Joao Cancelo over FC Barcelona; A DFB-Pokal prediction; Niko Kovac tosses a little shade at Bayern; Throwing it back to the year 2000 hit “Opticon”; and MORE!

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Let’s get this out of the way — Bayern Munich is a great team.

Bayern Munich is a terrifically run organization with a bright coach and a talented roster...so why can’t the team win right now?

It’s a great question, but the answer lies in a lot of information that we already knew:

These are truly footballing problems that only the best of clubs can experience and despite the club’s greatness, all of those points above lead to a flawed end product on the field. These are not flaws that cannot be overcome, but it will take work, defined roles, a new striker, and some consistency.

Can this version of Bayern Munich achieve all of its goals? Maybe, but it will not be easy.

Fans should have confidence that this will get better, but tempered expectations might be in order. There is no crisis, but the Bundesliga is better, the DFB-Pokal can be a toss-up, and the Champions League has some incredibly tough competition.

There will not be any cakewalks moving forward and some major changes to the roster could be on the horizon for this summer.

Song of the Midweek: “Opticon” by Orgy

Maybe best know for their cover of “Blue Monday”, the band Orgy released this gem back in 2000 (GAH!), which was their take on where the world was headed at the dawn of the internet really taking over the world.

If you have a strong memory, you could remember this from the little-known horror flick, Valentine, starring Denise Richards (The 2000 version was a favorite of mine for sure) and Philadelphia-boy David Boreanaz.


Bavarian Podcast Works — Flagship Show: Season 5, Episode 31

Bayern Munich gave its fans a heck of a start to the work week, eh?

Coming off of another draw over the weekend — this time against Eintracht Frankfurt — the club made a move for Manchester City’s Joao Cancelo to shake things up on the backline...but why?

There could be a bunch of reasons and we explore them all! Let’s take a look at what we have on tap for this episode:

Union more dangerous than Bayern?

Wolfsburg coach Niko Kovac saw his team’s hot streak end over the weekend against Werder Bremen of all clubs, but that did not stop him from throwing a little shade at his old club.

“It’s the most difficult opponent we could have drawn. I think it’s easier to play in Munich than in Berlin at the moment,” said Kovac (as captured by @iMiaSanMia).

Maybe he’s telling the truth at this moment, but you know he probably enjoyed saying it just a little bit.

How Bayern won Cancelo over Barca

According to Sport1’s Kerry Hau, Bayern Munich’s big edge over FC Barcelona in acquiring Joao Cancelo from Manchester City was its position in the Champions League:

Both Bayern and Barcelona were in contact with João Cancelo and his agent Jorge Mendes over the weekend. Bayern’s decisive advantage was the Champions League, which is why it didn’t take Cancelo long to decide for a move to Munich.

It feels like after losing Robert Lewandowski to FC Barcelona, the Bavarians have been on a revenge mission to destroy Barca’s 2022/23 campaign — and it is working.

Bavarian Podcast Works: Weekend Warm-up Podcast Season 2, Episode 29

Bayern Munich is scuffling...BFW’s podcast got whacked like Joe Pesci walking into that room in Goodfellas...and there is a ton of news going on.

Plus, Bayern Munich has yet another game in a jammed schedule — this time against Eintracht Frankfurt.

Yeah, there is A LOT going on, but we are covering it all here! Preview? Yes. Riffing on the news? No doubt. Some entertainment talk? For sure. Here is what we have on tap for this episode:


There are plenty of reasons to think that Bayern Munich is going to come and struggle once again, but at some point, the players have to seize a match and control it. There is too much talent to continue to let the poor results have happen — and yeah, those recent draws were not good, but they did not signal “doomsday” either.

Mainz 05 is no pushover, but Bayern Munich should be able to dictate how this game is played, what the tempo is, and should do so without incurring too much damage.

If, however, Mainz 05 manages to pull a Holstein Kiel, then I think it will be time to rattle some cages in the locker room.

Prediction: Mainz 05 1-3 Bayern Munich

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