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Bayern Munich against a "super league", at least according to their fans

Bayern Munich fans have spoken, but will their board listen?

Adam Pretty/Getty Images

After making their opinions known over the weekend about Monday night fixtures in the Bundesliga, Bayern Munich fans were back to the banners again, this time expressing their thoughts on a "super league".

In Bayern's first leg against Benfica, supporters held up two banners in the first half to send a message not only to the European football confederation, but also to their board. The first of which harkened back to their weekend protest about Monday night fixtures, but also addressed the super league.

The second went back to the super league, suggesting all Bayern fans should be against the idea.

The irony of this expression from the fans? Bayern's chairman, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, said in January he is open to the idea of a Super League. He believes it would make the biggest clubs stronger and it would help globalize the European brand. These "protests" also come in the wake of a potential Champions League reconstruction, which UEFA may pursue to ensure the top teams play each other more frequently.

With these banners, one has to wonder... is Bayern as a club on the same page with their fans when it comes to a Super League?

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