Álvaro GOATriozola Arzalluz


Party time for 2020 winners Bayern! @FCBayernEN | #UCLfinal— UEFA Champions League (@ChampionsLeague) August 24, 2020

Make Fanshots great again!!!

How to Raumdeuter


One of the best videos I have seen explaining Muller's ways of creating space for himself or his teammates. The only thing about the video is that the poster chooses to write down instead of talking. So a lot of reading ahead.

Every goal Gnabry scored for Bremen last season


Serge Gnabry signed with Bayern Munich after scoring 11 goals for Werder Bremen last season.

Xabi Alonso and Franck Ribery got the service DeMarcus Cousins needs


Xabi Alonso and Franck Ribery took the time to show DeMarcus Cousins what a real assist looks like

Highlights: Bayern Munich vs Manchester City


There weren't a ton of goals besides Erdal Öztürk's deflection late in the match, but Franck Ribery's skill alone makes this worth watching.

Bayern Munich's 10 best goals from 2015-16


You sometimes tend to forget the pure quality of goals that Bayern Munich scored during the 2015-16 season. Goodness. Those top three are to die for.

Renato Sanches equalizer for Portugal received one great radio call


There's a certain joy in listening to radio calls of wonderful goals.

WATCH: Renato Sanches equalizes from a great strike for Portugal


GOAL ! 1 - 1 ! Renato Sanches scores for Portugal to level the score #POLPOR #POR #EURO2016— (@FlashScoreIN) June 30, 2016

Renato Sanches is the third youngest scorer ever at a European Championship. And this is one hell of a goal, even with the deflection.