The Wolf of Wurstfabrik


Coming out in theaters in 2019, depending on good behavior.

Arjen Robben and Thiago Alcantara celebrate bro-style


After grabbing his second goal of the match against Schalke 04, Arjen Robben celebrated bro-style, naturally. With his old man looks, it was as awkwardly and hilariously awesome as you can imagine.

Eunice Beckmann: Serious Skillz


Move over boys, you ain't got nothing on Bayern Munich Frauen's Eunice Beckmann

David Alaba is a creepy stalker


David Alaba. Creepy stalker. Short people. 'Nuff said.



Courtesy of KICKTV, Klopp-tarts!

Someone decided to make a map breaking down where players from the Bundesliga are from.


Source (reddit)

Too funny not to share


Saw this on Twitter and laughed. Hope y'all enjoy it as well.

2012/13 Season end - top four leagues at a glance


Found here:

Pack Ma's


Here's a little image I whipped up to use as a Facebook cover photo