David Alaba has a new hairstyle



A photo posted by David Alaba (@da_27) on

How did we miss this when he first posted it two days ago? David Alaba has dreads now.

Renato Sanches equalizer for Portugal received one great radio call


There's a certain joy in listening to radio calls of wonderful goals.

WATCH: Renato Sanches equalizes from a great strike for Portugal


GOAL ! 1 - 1 ! Renato Sanches scores for Portugal to level the score #POLPOR #POR #EURO2016— (@FlashScoreIN) June 30, 2016

Renato Sanches is the third youngest scorer ever at a European Championship. And this is one hell of a goal, even with the deflection.

Watch: Robert Lewandowski's scores on Portugal in under 2 minutes


Robert Lewandowski is still amazing.

Manuel Neuer practicing headers on corners


You know... Just in case he's needed at the end of a game.

Thomas Müller goes in goal during Germany training


Thomas Müller is probably a better goalkeeper than your favorite goalkeeper

Germany fan at Euro 2016 wears Homer Simpson jersey


Boateng? No. Götze? No. Kroos? No. Hummels? No. Neuer? No. Hector? No. Simpson. Homer Simpson.

Kingsley Coman is having fun at Euro 2016


That man had a family, Kingsley. Goodness.

Irish and Swedish fans sing ABBA


International tournaments are supposed to be like this. Fans coming together, having a few drinks, and singing ABBA. Okay, maybe you can sing something other than ABBA, but after all of the violence, this is wonderful to see.

Video: What was the best goal scored by every Bundesliga team in 2015-16?


There were a lot of great goals scored during the 2015-16 Bundesliga season.