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BFW Fight Club

The first rule of BFW Fight Club is that you do not talk about BFW Fight Club... unless you're talking to Bleacher Report.

BREAKING: Robert Lewandowski and Kingsley Coman exchange punches in practice

In what could only be deemed a hotly contested training session, Bayern Munich stars Robert Lewandowski and Kingsley Coman got into a fight.

BFW Fight Club: When ultras collide

For the most part, we hear good things about the game day experience in Munich, but it got a little testy between the Bayern Munich and Wolfsburg fans yesterday.

Karim Rekik frustrated with Robert Lewandowski’s comments over red card

The Dutch defender was bewildered by Lewandowski’s statement, as he believes his red card was anything but warranted.

Bayern Munich President Uli Hoeness roasts Didi Hamann on German TV

This is peak Uli, nothing can top this.

Rafinha lashes out at Niko Kovac: “The coach is not being respectful to me”

The backup right-back told Bild that he cannot fathom why Kovac will not give him playing time, although he will have to replace Joshua Kimmich in the second leg of the Champions League tie against Liverpool.

Jürgen Klopp furious with Niko Kovac over handshake after draw between Bayern Munich and Liverpool

Kloppo got heated when Kovac took too long to shake hands after the final whistle. He felt "like the ox before the hill" — or maybe like "a shag on a rock."

Ribery slaps reporter thrice; Bayern Munich confirms altercation

Franck Ribery was involved in an altercation with his countryman, former player and now TV expert Patrick Guillou.

Arturo Vidal fined €800,000 for nightclub assault conviction

The Legend of King Arturo and the Nights of the Crown Club nears its indecorous end.

That time Sandro Wagner elbowed Javi Martinez on the nose

Javi Martinez shared some anecdotes about his fiery teammate — from before the time they were teammates and #WagnerLove was a thing.

Robert Lewandowski and David Abraham have to be separated after DFL Supercup

Bayern Munich’s Polish striker and Eintracht Frankfurt’s captain clashed all match, and Lewandowski had something to say about it after the game.

BFW Fight Club: What happened between Mario Mandžukić and Domagoj Vida on the field when the game ended?

They didn’t come to blows, but they exchanged some words.

Manuel Neuer hints at tension in the German locker room as Jogi Löw searches for an answer

A heated team discussion delayed Neuer’s press conference by 45 minutes, but Germany’s captain is confident Die Mannschaft remains united and focused on advancing.

Joshua Kimmich in squabble with Antonio Rüdiger at Germany's training camp

The competition for places in the squad is heating up for Die Mannschaft as the World Cup draws near.

Arturo Vidal charged with aggravated assault

The public prosecutor’s office in Munich believes that Vidal was the instigator of a nightclub brawl in which one man was seriously injured.

Bayern Munich mascot Berni arrested with Dortmund’s Emma Bee after wild night out

The unlikely couple spent a night on the town with Arturo Vidal that ended in a confrontation with a colleague on the dance floor.

Lewandowski and Hummels in nasty exchange of words in training

No handshakes after this nasty exchange on the training pitch—precisely the nonsense Jupp Heynckes doesn't need.

King Arturo and the nights of the Crown’s Club

Arturo Vidal finds himself at the center of yet another nightclub brawl


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