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Bayern Munich: Women's Champions League

Lyon eek out 2-1 victory, eliminate Bayern Munich from Women’s Champions League

Lyon hold on to scrape out a 2-1 victory to knock Bayern Munich out of the UEFA Women’s Champions League Quarterfinals.

Olympique Lyon vs Bayern Munich: Live stream, game time thread, how to watch

Defeating Lyon will be a mountain of a task for Bayern Munich; however, Jens Scheuer’s side has that as today’s goal.

Sevilla vs Inter Milan, Europa League Final: Live stream, game time thread, how to watch

The Europa League final happens today! Follow along with BFW!

Daily Schmankerl: Looking back at Bayern’s beatdown of Barcelona; Bayern Frauen prep for Champions League; Freiburg’s Waldschmidt leaves Bundesliga; and MORE!

We’re still celebrating Bayern Munich’s massive victory over Barcelona in the Champions League Quarterfinals, and more news from around the Bundesliga and the world.

Bayern Campus Update: Daniliuc signs with Nice; three teams will share Grünwalder Stadion; & UEFA, DFB announcements on future plans

Flavius Daniliuc’s speculated transfer to Nice is official; Bayern II and 1860 get a new roommate at the Grünwalder Stadion; UEFA and the DFB make announcements about future tournaments impacting Bayern Frauen.

Women’s Champions League Draw: Bayern Munich will face Lyon

The Bavarians get drawn against the world’s best. It’s going to be difficult.

Daily Schmankerl: James recommends Isco go to Bayern Munich; Frauen win 5-0 in Kazakhstan; Ajax wants Thomas Müller; Jovic “Zidane’s trash”; Davies dazzles as Canada beats the USA

James Rodriguez has told Isco to transfer to Bayern. Ajax’s sporting director would love to sign Thomas Müller. Luka Jovic a €60m warm body?! Alphonso Davies scores on the US and MORE!

Bayern Munich draw Kazygurt in Women’s Champions League

Fancy a trip to Kazakhstan?

Bayern Munich lose to Göteborg, still advance in Champions League

Thanks to away goals, Bayern Munich are through to the Round of 16 of the UEFA Women’s Champions League.

Bayern Munich vs Göteborg, UEFA Women’s Champions League: Live Stream and Gamethread

Bayern Munich can advance to the Round of 16 of the UEFA Women’s Champions League with a positive result.

Islacker leads Bayern Frauen over Goteborg in Champions League

It was a late flurry of goals, but Bayern Munich head to the second leg with an advantage.

FC Bayern Munich Frauen get UEFA Champions League draw

The Bayern Munich Frauen will square off with Sweden’s ​Kopparbergs/Göteborg.