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Manchester United submit insane €100M bid for Bayern Munich star

Manchester United want all the Bayern Munich stars and they're resorting to insane transfer offers

Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

Louis Van Gaal apparently can't get enough of his former Bayern Munich players and just weeks after securing the move of Bastian Schweinsteiger to Manchester United, the Dutch coach is at it again.

German television station Sport1 has reported that Manchester United has submitted a €100M transfer offer for Bayern Munich's Thomas Müller in an attempt to reunite him with the coach who gave him his debut at the age of 19, catapulting him into international stardom and fame. This is coming on the heels of Bayern Munich rejecting a previous offer of €82M euros for Thomas Müller. That offer lead Bayern chairman Karl-Heinz Rumenigge to retort that Bayern Munich would not sell any more of their stars to Manchester United.

Why It Doesn't Make Sense

Let's just tick them off:

1) Thomas Müller is one of the best striker/midfielders/goal scorers/assisters/creators/pressers and one of the healthiest players to ever grace the game. He doesn't get injured, he scores and creates boatloads of goals. He's the functional equivalent of Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo and he's only just turns 26 in September.

2) Bayern Munich don't "sell".

3) If you've already rejected an €82M transfer as being untenable-- which is an insane amount of money already -- then there's zero reason to accept a €100M transfer. Especially if you're financially solvent and have a squad with next to zero holes like Bayern Munich.

Why It Makes Sense

€100M is so much money. It's the kind of money that makes Scrooge McDuck jealous while he's swimming in a vault of gold coins. At a certain point, Bayern Munich is a business and at what level does money trump philosophy and is €100M enough to tip the scales?

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