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Hertha BSC are headhunting Bayern Munich's young fullback

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Mitchell Weiser is out of contract and the Bayern Munich fullback is being courted by Hertha BSC

Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

Mitchell Wesier's two-and-a-half seasons at the Allianz Arena have been somewhat lackluster. He never quite lived up to his potential, stalling out between the reserve team and the first team and looking like a nearly €1 million investment gone to pot. Then over the Winterpause, sporting director Matthias Sammer lit a fire under Weiser and ever since, the 21-year-old winger/fullback has been on a tear for Bayern Munich.

His performances were great, his ability to work in tight spaces and with his teammates earned him numerous appearances off the bench and several starts. However, the looming problem for Bayern Munich was that Mitchell Weiser's contract expired at the end of this season.

Now it may be that all of Bayern's development may bear fruit for Hertha BSC. The Berlin club have made contact with Mitchell Weiser are are prepared to bring him to Berlin to be a part of their core moving forward, according to BZ. The publication notes that Hertha have been engaged in talks with Weiser since their 1-0 defeat at his hands in April.

Weiser appears to fill a specific niche for the club as a winger built around his pace, but his versatility is also a large component of Hertha's interest. BZ further states that with the the looming departure of Marcel Ndjeng, Hertha's rightback, there is clearly more than enough space for Weiser in the first team.

The only real question is does first team soccer at Hertha BSC match the lights, and financial package, that comes with playing for Bayern Munich? And that's not a question that anyone is fit to answer besides Mitchell Weiser himself.