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Gianluca Gaudino should not be in a hurry to leave Bayern Munich

Gianluca Gaudino in interested in a move away from Bayern Munich. He shouldn't be so hasty.

Micha Will/Getty Images

The winter transfer window opens next week which means the agents are starting to get active. And for most Bayern Munich players, nothing available in the winter transfer window is going to be all that enticing. The Bayern Munich reserve and academy players are another story as Kicker pointed out Gianluca Guadino is angling for a move away from Bayern Munich.

"German, Spanish and English clubs are interested in the youngster... The player himself wants to move, does not see any possibilities to continue his development." - Kicker (print edition)

From a high level view, it's not particularly earth shattering news that a 19-year-old who amassed 450 competitive first team minutes last season is looking for a move now. Add to that Gaudino can't even seem to get a sniff of the first team even when Bayern Munich is fielding benches with just three outfield players and is playing his trade with Bayern II. The cherry on top in this whole series of events, is the arrival of Joshua Kimmich and the one-year extension given to Xabi Alonso. Gianlucia Guadino is going to be far down the pecking order for the next 18 months at Bayern Munich.

But for Gaudino, moving away from Bayern Munich at this time would be a bad move for his career. While he was undoubtedly stellar for Bayern Munich's midfield, it was because his spatial and passing acumen are far advanced for his age. It was his defensive skills that were in serious question as he registered less than a tackle per game and was dispossessed with alarming regularity for a central midfielder.

Moving away from Bayern Munich's possession based offense, none of Gaudino's very best skills are going to shine and those skills that right now seem to need the most work are going to be the one's he has to rely on. In many ways, he's still learning and that's exactly what Bayern Munich II is there for. While they are mired in the Regionalliga Bayern and playing against semi-professional sides -- and that's not the most ideal development environment -- it's also not a great move for Gaudino to put himself in a situation he's not ready for yet.

And as we've seen in the past Bayern Munich have been loath to loan out players until the age of 20. And that's for good reason as we saw that last season Gianluca Gaudino wasn't physically ready for the Bundesliga despite all his skill. And unless something has dramatically changed in the last 6 months, he's not ready now and that definitely goes true for both moves to both Spain and England. Unless Gaudino is seriously considering second division football -- which would be shocking --  then staying at Bayern Munich is likely the best bet for his long term career.

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