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Reports: Schweinsteiger Top Target for Manchester United

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The eventual sale might be nonsensical, but the interest could be genuine

Simon Hofmann

Manchester United have Bayern Munich midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger as their top transfer target, according to multiple reports out of England.

A risible rumor that the Daily Mail unleashed at the end of May might have some truths in regards to United's interest, the Times of London calling him United's "top transfer target." Multiple sources have the Red Devils bid to be around £25 million (€31.3 million).

The further backstory to the rumor may be a bit nonsensical. Graham Hunter, Spanish Correspondent for talkSPORT, is under the impression that Bayern want to sell Schweinsteiger for his inability to fit into Pep's system, an impression Sport Bild has already dubbed as a "wild rumor."

"Pep Guardiola does want to move Schweinsteiger on," Hunter said [Mirror]. "He feels Schweinsteiger doesn’t move the ball quickly enough for the brand of football he’s trying to implicate."

He also mentioned that Guardiola was looking at Cesc Fábregas as a replacement, who Barcelona sold to Chelsea yesterday. Ian Herbert of the Independent built on the assumption, claiming that Schweinsteiger would be willing to bolt from Germany to move to Manchester.

The midfielder is likely to be open to such a move, as he is thought not to have the same relationship with Pep Guardiola that he enjoyed with the Spaniard’s predecessor Jupp Heynckes.

The fact remains that Bayern have sold just three players to an English club – Dieter Hamann, Roque Santa Cruz, and Owen Hargreaves. They have also only sold one captain, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge to Inter Milan, for a significant fee.

Schweinsteiger struggled with his fitness in 2013/14 after winning the German player of the Year, but even if he his nearing his 30th birthday, he is nonetheless an important factor for whatever Bayern want to accomplish.