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Müller's Agent Denies Barcelona Rumors; Arsenal and Liverpool Reportedly Linked

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Guardiola's former club is out, but reports suggest more concrete offers for Müller are coming out of England

Alexander Hassenstein

With buzzards hovering around Thomas Müller, his agent, Ludwig Kögl, was able to swat some away. Kögl told Bild on Thursday that Barcelona is not in the running for his client.

"Barcelona is not a topic for Müller," said Kögl.

Kögl did not address gossip of a move to the English Premier League. Manchester United is allegedly pursuing Müller after the appointment of Louis van Gaal. They might not be the only English club after him, though, as kicker reported Wednesday that Arsenal and Liverpool are after Müller's services as well.

There manifests two other clubs interests in [Müller], FC Liverpool and since the middle of this week FC Arsenal. Manchester United has long inquired – other than Toni Kroos, who alone recently dismissed manager David Moyes wanted to have. Kroos, who has still not extended his contract in Munich beyond 2015, has not received a definitive contract offer from ManUnited. The offers are more concrete with Müller.

Technically he committed himself to his hometown club without a buyout clause until 2017. For that reason he wants to stay... Müller is waiting for a clear confidence commitment from Manager Guardiola and the club's direction.

Although he is amongst the most used stallions in Bayern München's stable, Pep Guardiola used him sparingly in the knockout stages of the UEFA Champions League. Not once did Müller play a full 90 minutes despite starting three of the six matches.

Kicker reported of someone in the club with knowledge of Müller's discontent before Bayern's match against Hamburger SV. CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge delivered a firm message on the following Monday that unsatisfied players should meet with him in his office.

Müller has wisely stapled his lips shut in regards to the rumors, but in an interview with Austrian newspaper Krone, he quelled some of the speculation surrounding him.

"I am sure not ready for a jump right now, but I can't give a guarantee once and for all," said Müller.

Making his debut in 2009, Müller is the sixth-longest tenured player at Bayern. He is under contract until 2017, making his departure more expensive and unlikely.