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All aboard the Xherdan Shaqiri transfer rumor bus... Next stop London!

The wheels on the Xherdan Shaqiri transfer rumor bus continue to go round and round - this time carrying us to Goonerland.

Alex Grimm

Over the summer transfer window there were inklings and rumors of interest in Xherdan Shaqiri by clubs in England. We thought we could enjoy at least a few months respite from the rumblings and drama.

Of course like all things truly tabloid, they disappoint and the rumors never die to the effect that now we're being treated to rumblings from the Swiss media outfit InfoTicker that Xherdan Shaqiri is on Arsenal's radar. They are floating a price of €15M for the Swiss international's signature which is simultaneously believable and completely laughable. Go tabloids.

While the Gunners currently sit atop the Premier League table, they really aren't the type of team that needs a Xherdan Shaqiri style player. Of course Arsene Wenger is the type who loves buying low, selling high and generally being totally confusing in the transfer market. Trying to guess at his motivations is about as effective as going to the big and tall store with the intent to find toddler clothes.

The 21 year old Swiss international is a very intriguing piece in this Bayern Munich squad and while last year he was mostly used in the Bundesliga, he did accrue over 2000 minutes for this team. The conception and thought that Shaqiri is little more than a backup player is definitely wrong. He has already earned over 550 minutes across 12 matches in this young season. He's clearly Pep's first choice of the bench (even though some of that might be related to the numerous injuries this season). Karl-Hanz Rummenigge has even stated unequivocally that they would not sell or loan him.

Yet despite that wealth of playing time with the best team in the world and the obvious future he holds as one of the teams starting wide midfielders, the wheels on this rumor bus are going to continue to churn - especially when Javi Martinez and Thiago are back from injury and playing meaningful first team minutes again. And we shouldn't expect this to die down - Shaqiri is too young and too talented to not be the subject of rampant speculation.

All aboard the Xherdan Shaqiri transfer bus - where no one can get off until February 1st.

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