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AS: Real Madrid to make a play for Lewandowski

Real Madrid has entered the race for Robert Lewandowski. Has Pep Guardiola given the Spanish giants an opening?

Dennis Grombkowski

With the most chips on the board, FC Bayern may have the upper hand on the Lewandowski prize. Now, there might be another player, with sunglasses, slicked back hair, and a poker face that looks like it has had expensive plastic surgery.

AS is reporting that Real Madrid will make their play for Borussia Dortmund striker Robert Lewandowski, "despite the verbal agreement he has reached with Bayern to sign for the Bavarian club next summer."

Not all that surprising, considering that Lewandowski scorched the Spaniard conquistadors with four goals in the first leg of the Champions League Semifinal. But this may be:

Pep Guardiola has had second thoughts about him and has put the breaks on the deal.

EEEERRRRTTTT! That's the sound of the Lewandowski-to-Bayern rumors coming to a screeching halt. If true, that opens a flood gate for clubs to swamp the Lewandowski camp.

Real Madrid, according to super-agent François Gallardo, is already sniffing around Mario Mandzukic. With Gonzalo Higuaín in Napoli now, Los Blancos are not satisfied with just Karim Benzema at the top.

Lewandowski's Freudian slip gave FC Bayern confidence to go all in, but Guardiola now has provided that voice in the back of its head, calculating the risks of leveraging everything for a 24-year-old Polish striker.

Will FC Bayern have to raise in order to intimidate the other player? With details still vague, the dealer has not turned over the last card.

FC Bayern still has good cards, but unless they figure out a way to read their opponents and the odds, they might lose out on the pot.

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