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Bayern Munich Opinion

Wertung der Fußballer: Bayern Munich 2019/20

In the immortal words of Martin Tyler, "Ohhh, yes!!!!"

Who should be in Germany’s starting XI for the World Cup?

Has Hansi Flick narrowed down the field for his World Cup starting XI?

Wertung der Fußballer: Bayern Munich 2018/19

There is light at the end of the tunnel, hopefully.

Wertung der Fußballer: Bayern Munich 2017/18

Heynckes brought hope to a club that seemed destined for some dark times.

Wertung der Fußballer: Bayern Munich 2016/17

Oh dear. The dark ages have come.

Wertung der Fußballer: Bayern Munich 2015/16

The very middle of Pep’s era at Bayern Munich was an elite unit that ultimately underperformed.

Wertung der Fußballer: Bayern Munich 2014/15

While many viewed it as a transition season, I feel this season had its own charm.

Real Madrid looking to sign another Bayern Munich player, you won’t believe who it is!

It’s like a game of "Who’s that Pokémon?" but with footballers instead.

Wertung der Fußballer: Bayern Munich 2013/14

A direct continuation of the 2012/13 ratings, this season was an interesting one to say the least.

Wertung der Fußballer: Bayern Munich 2012/13

EA’s FIFA series has had some howlers over the years, so let’s have our own take on the ratings, shall we?

Five things Bayern Munich NEED to win the Champions League this season

With the draws concluded and the brackets finalized, we have a roadmap for how Bayern can win the UCL this year.

Weekend Warmup: Bayern Munich won’t die without Robert Lewandowski, but it wouldn’t be easy to compete in Europe without him; Throwing it back to Filter; Bundesliga predictions; and MORE!

Finally...the weekend.

Why losing Robert Lewandowski now could end Bayern Munich’s status as an elite club

The Lewandowski extension is the most important task facing the Bayern board right now.

BFW Commentary: Am I the odd one out? I’m still worried Bayern Munich won’t win the Bundesliga

I know I’m probably in the minority, but still.

Consistently inconsistent? Bayern Munich’s up-and-down season continued at Hoffenheim

Is there a reason to fret over Bayern Munich’s inconsistent showings?

Weekend Warm-up: Should Bayern Munich go full Leeroy Jenkins (!?) with its defense next season or is there another option?; Getting psyched for Obi-Wan Kenobi; Bundesliga predictions; Throwing it back to The Pogues; and MORE!

Ladies and gentleman...the Weekend (Warm-up)!

Daily Schmankerl: The aftermath of Bayern Munich vs. Red Bull Salzburg; FC Barcelona, Real Madrid ramping up interest in Serge Gnabry?; Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi to team up at PSG?; and MORE!

That was a nice win, eh?

Okay, Bayern Munich fans — tell us how you’re feeling ahead of the big Champions League showdown?

Everything is fine…right?

Let’s play a game of “What If?” — Bayern Munich style

Despite the recent roller coaster, things are good with Bayern Munich, but there is at least some reason for doubt to seep in regarding the future.

Weekend Warm-up: Is there a communication breakdown at Bayern Munich?; Throwing it back to Simple Minds; Bundesliga predictions; Lamenting HBO’s old decision to can Carnivale; and MORE!

Here we go! Bayern Munich vs. Bayer Leverkusen this weekend!

How will Bayern Munich replace Thomas Müller vs. Eintracht Frankfurt?

Or better yet, CAN they replace Thomas Müller against Eintracht Frankfurt?

A Bayern Munich fan’s argument against the Bundesliga playoffs

The Bundesliga is thinking about installing a playoff system. Is such a system really necessary?

BFW Commentary: Making it at Bayern Munich is not for everyone

"The strongest steel is forged in the fires of hell."

BFW Commentary: What, me worry? Bayern Munich is fine

The vultures are circling around Bayern Munich

BFW Commentary: A victory worth ten consecutive Bundesliga titles 

Zieh den Bayern die lederhosen aus!

On This Day: Bayern Munich won the sextuple last year

"#FinalMissi6n" - complete!

BFW Commentary: Bayern Munich isn’t always right when it comes to player management

It was not all that long ago that Bayern Munich tried to push out Thomas Müller — not once, but twice!

Can Bayern Munich’s “no risk it, no biscuit” approach work for the long run?

Bayern Munich has no much offensive talent, but can Julian Nagelsmann use it all and remain successful?

BFW Commentary: Niklas Süle’s revenge tour could be wild after move from Bayern Munich to Borussia Dortmund

Bayern Munich’s Niklas Süle will be transferring to Borussia Dortmund during the summer.

Bavarian Podcast Works: Preview Show — Bayern Munich vs. RB Leipzig (Rückrunde)

This one should be a cracker!

Weekend Warm-up: Bayern Munich’s options for Niklas Süle replacement becoming clear; Throwing it back to Freedy Johnston and Joan Jett (!?); Bayern’s campus is breeding optimism; and MORE!

This international break is probably more unfulfilling than most, eh?

BFW Commentary: Losing Niklas Süle will hurt Bayern Munich, but the club will move on

The news was grim, but Bayern Munich will not leave a void on its roster.


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