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Thiago Alcantara returns to Bayern Munich to start his rehab

Thiago Alcantara has re-joined the team after months away and will begin his rehab following multiple knee injuries

Alex Grimm/Getty Images

The last time Thiago Alcantara suited up for a competitive Bayern Munich the team played to a 3-3 draw with 1899 Hoffenheim. In that intervening time the roller coast of his health and fitness has ranged somewhere between a kiddy coaster at the fair and the Vomitorium which I assume is a real roller coaster (If not, it totally should be).

First he was going to be back in May 2014; then another knee injury; then he was going to be back in September; then another reported setback that wasn't actually a setback. Then there were even pictures of him in training! Then a re-injury of the re-injury of the initial injury in October; then somewhere in there he stopped being with Bayern Munich and went and hung out in Barcelona with his doctor.

Are you still with me or did you pass out in the death spiral part of the ride?

Now finally after months and months, Thiago Alcantara has rejoined Bayern Munich to start his rehab.

He was examined by Dr. Thomas Wilhelm-Müller Wohlfart! Hooray for baby victories! Now, please wear bubble wrap. Wait, that advice didn't work last time. How about a suit of full plate armor?

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