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Mario Götze Wants to Be a Face of Bayern Munich

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The 23-year-old rejected the notion he wanted to transfer from Bayern this summer.

Dennis Grombkowski/Getty Images

Mario Götze affirmed in an interview with Süddeutsche Zeitung he is committed to Bayern Munich, denying that he ever wanted to leave the club this summer despite interest from other big clubs.

"I feel very, very good here, and I am glad to be a Bayern player," Götze said in the interview. "I would like very much to be a face of the club... and I want to play an even bigger role."

Though Götze has racked up a fair amount of minutes for Bayern each of the last two seasons, those minutes have not come in the big matches. Pep Guardiola elected to leave him out of the starting XI in each of the last two Champions League Semifinals against Real Madrid and Barcelona, and he did not come on in Bayern's semifinal loss to Borussia Dortmund in the DFB-Pokal until the last quarter of an hour of regulation.

"That was not easy for me, even in Barcelona, where we had a lot injured and I thought: now I will slide into the team," Götze said. "

Juventus were reportedly very keen on tempting the 23-year-old to move to Italy this summer, something president Giuseppe Moratta openly admitted over the summer. Reported interest came from other big clubs like Manchester City as well, but Götze had no intention of leaving Germany's top club.

"I never occupied myself with a transfer," said Götze. "It can be good for other clubs to have interest in me, but I had no interest to leave Bayern."

His transfer to Bayern in the summer of 2013 came with its own controversy; leaving the club that gave him his big chance to go to their biggest rival did not exactly go over well. Götze reflected on his transfer to Bayern in the interview, admitting he had to reshape his image after switching allegiances.

"I made my own mistakes, but there must have been many things that were distorted," Götze said. "The last two years were by all means like a ripening process."

"Maybe people thought: he only went there for the money. That is not a good person," he continued. "Today I know, at least at the beginning of the preseason, I should have actively explained the transfer. I could have mentioned my athletic motives and straitened out all the speculation. Then maybe all of the objections would have ended."

His news of his transfer in 2013 break at the best time for him either, for his Dortmund were only weeks away from facing Bayern in the 2013 UEFA Champions League Final in Wembley Stadium. Götze was not available in that match due to a hamstring injury he sustained a few weeks prior, and he used the interview this week to set the record straight.

"People need to bear in mind the situation at the time: the season was reaching its climax, everyone had the final on their mind, and I had many other concerns outside of my transfer. I was injured, completely occupied with my body, then I was sad when it was clear I could not play in the final in London."