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Franck Ribéry could end career "in USA, Qatar, or Dubai"

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The Frenchman is certain that his European career will end in a Bayern kit.

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Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

In an interview with "Welt am Sonntag"Franck Ribéry revealed where his footballing career might take him next, saying that he could "visualize myself having a new experience in USA, Qatar, or Dubai."

The 31-year-old is now in his eighth season with Bayern Munich, and is under contract for two more. He scored his 100th goal for the Rekordmeister against Bayer Leverkusen earlier this month, and has also recorded 114 assists with the Bavarians. Bayern has won 12 trophies while Ribéry has occupied their flanks, including four Bundesliga titles, for German Cups, and a UEFA Champions League trophy.

While it looks like he has contemplated the next step, he knows he wants his European career to end in Munich, voicing his desire not to go anywhere else.

"I will not play for anymore clubs in Europe. My heart will beat for FC Bayern instead," Ribéry said. "I have been here for almost eight years. Bayern and I are like a married couple."

Bayern have traveled to the United States, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates in the past two years, training trips Ribéry has participated in. He has thus been able to see the footballing landscape in all three countries, getting first-hand experience in some of those countries after playing in friendlies against local clubs.

Ribéry has started the last nine matches for Bayern in all competitions, needing just four appearances off the bench to restore his fitness from his knee injury. While his club career is in full swing, the Frenchman elected to pack away his country kit after missing the World Cup with France. Even with career uncertainties, Ribéry appears rooted in Germany at the moment.

"I bought a house. My son was born here, and my daughter grew up here," said Ribéry. "They speak German better than I do, and articulate themselves perfect grammatically."