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Bavarian Fashion Works

A designer collection of Bayern Munich kit leaks and other fashion news.

Bayern Munich’s 10th anniversary kits sold out — club planning on re-release

After the initial release sold out within hours, disaster ensued as members took to eBay to sell theirs.

Bavarian Fashion Works: Bayern Munich releases exclusive kit to commemorate 10 years of Bundesliga wins

It may not look good, but it sold like hot cakes.

Germany plays in new women’s kit to show support for the Frauen

The DFB Frauen have an important tournament coming up, and the boys decided to support them with their colors.

Bayern Munich’s ugly new jersey could’ve been even worse

Could it get worse? The answer is always yes.

Bavarian Fashion Works: Bayern Munich’s new goalkeeper kit has been released

Manuel Neuer will definitely stand out in a crowd wearing this.

Bavarian Fashion Works: Bayern Munich releases its 2022/23 home jersey

Take a look at what is next for Bayern Munich.

Bavarian Fashion Works: Kit Leak! Want to see a sneak peek of Bayern Munich’s 2022/23 home kit?

New home and goalkeeper kits for next season just dropped.

Bayern’s strategy behind selling the most jerseys and the future in that direction

The Bavarians have been able to translate their recent success on the field to greater penetration among football’s global fanbase

Kit Sponsor Leak: Bayern Munich to sport new Deutsche Telekom logo?

Will the shirts have a different permanent sponsor lettering for the first time in a decade?

Kit Leak: Bayern Munich’s next season pre-match kit is here

Looks like Adidas finally got the memo and have moved on from pajamas

Kit Leak: Bayern Munich’s new home kit for 2022/23

This brings back some old memories.

Adidas releases 2022 pregame warm-up shirts for Bayern Munich

The Harry Potter pajamas are finally here.

Kit Leak: A white and gold away kit for Bayern Munich?

If the rumors are true, the gold and white combination will be the clubs first.

Bayern Munich star Joshua Kimmich’s partner basically calls him a dork

Should Joshua Kimmich stop tucking his shirt in?

Alex The Barber — The man behind Bayern Munich’s hair

Meet the man who takes cares of Bayern Munich’s stars off the pitch.

Bayern Munich 2010s Kits Tier List — Talking Bayern video

Check out the new Talking Bayern video for a special tier list!

Talking Trikots: Best Bayern Munich jerseys to wear during the holiday season

Just because the Bundesliga is taking a break doesn’t mean football fashion has to.

Kit Leak: The main color for Bayern Munich’s new third kit

The new Champions League kit’s main color has been leaked.

Kit Leak: The color scheme for Bayern Munich’s new away kit

The away kit will be going back to white, with a surprise guest.

Adidas officially releases ‘Teamgeist’ collection for Bayern Munich

The long rumored kits have finally been unveiled! Bayern Munich was one of Adidas’ nine clubs to receive a reimagined Teamgeist collection.

Kit Leak: The color schemes for Germany’s new home and away kits

We don’t have all the details yet, but we’re feeling pretty good about the kits already.

Talking Trikots: Black Friday Special — How to build a collection out of sales

Sometimes, the price you have to pay might be smaller than you realize.

Talking Trikots: Colors, colors, everywhere - the many hues to grace a Bayern Munich kit

You’d be surprised how many colors Bayern Munich has worn over the years.

Kit fiasco? Did Robert Lewandowski wear a defective Bayern Munich kit vs FC Augsburg?

At least it wasn’t the grass that was defective.

Kit Leak: More pictures of Bayern Munich’s 2006 “Teamgeist” kits are here

A legion of the throwback design kits have been leaked for several clubs tied up with Adidas.

Talking Trikots: Top 5 Germany kits of the past decade

We’re still in an international break, so might as well talk about international kits.

Talking Trikots: Why the current Bayern Munich away kit should be the home kit for the rest of the season

This shirt is just too good to be an away kit, it deserves better.

Talking Trikots: Bayern Munich’s special edition kits

These kits might be one-offs, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t talk about them.

Talking Trikots: Do bad Bayern Munich kits lead to bad results?

A lot of times, the performance isn’t the only thing that’s ugly.

Talking Trikots: A look into my own kit collection

This is a story of 41 jerseys, here’s how each and every one came to be.

Talking Trikots: A look at Bayern Munich’s best third kits

Third kits don’t get the love they deserve. We decided to change that

Talking Trikots: Bayern Munich’s best home, away, and third kits this decade

Bayern have had some great jerseys over the years. We picked our favorites, so sit back and enjoy.


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