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Bayern Munich 2 - 2 Paris Saint-Germain (UWCL) — Initial reactions and observations

Last go in the UWCL group stage. It’s now or never.

FC Bayern München v TSG Hoffenheim - Google Pixel Frauen Bundesliga Photo by Sebastian Widmann/Getty Images for DFB

Bayern Munich is backed up against the wall.

It’s Matchday 6 of the UEFA Women’s Champions League group stage, which has been calamitous for the Bavarians so far. After escaping with a point against Roma last week, the FC Bayern Frauen are still alive — but need a win over Paris Saint-Germain today in order to qualify.

Nothing less than a win will do.

Catch the game on DAZN (requires free registration) and follow along with us!

Bayern Munich 2 - 2 Paris Saint-Germain: Initial reactions and observations

  • What. Was. That?! How do these Champions League games keep ending in non-stop drama? Total chaos.
  • Credit to the Frauen for the fight, all the way to the end, but this feels like a thoroughly deserved result. Too many silly errors in too many games, all adding up to too much to overcome.
  • If the writing is not on the wall for Alexander Straus now, it probably should be.
  • Stay tuned for Match Awards and Observations!

90+6’ — GOOAAA ... Nope!

Bayern strike! Jovana Damnjanović pounces after the ball falls to her feet right in front of goal, but she was offside! The celebrations are cut short, and that’s that! The final whistle goes!

88’ — PSG level!!! 2-2

Bayern break apart on a set piece! A shot from range after a corner careens through the bodies in front of goal and deflects — was it off Stanway? — past Grohs and into the net!

Now Bayern simply has to score.

87’ — Paris under pressure!

In the other fixture, Ajax has just scored, sending the Dutch side up top. As it stands, PSG will now bow out — unless they or Roma find a way to score in these closing minutes.

84’ — Off the line!

Somehow, PSG don’t score! A looping cross from Sakina Karchaoui finds its way over the head of Grohs to the far post. In a jumble of feet the ball rolls towards the line, but Bayern scramble it away just in time.

78’ — PSG chance!

Back and forth and back and forth. Geyoro gets in good position to receive a vertical pass inside the box, then turns and lays it on for Lieke Martens, who runs onto the ball and drives it from range. Another danger moment but it’s wide.

74’ — GOAAAAAL!!! Bayern 2 - 1 PSG

Yabba dabba doo! Bayern strike right back! Klara Bühl whips it in from the right sideline and it meets Sydney Lohmann at the far post. Can you keep up? The scoring is nonstop!

73’ — GOAAAAL! Bayern 1 - 1 PSG

Paris Saint-Germain equalize! End to end stuff as keeper Constance Picaud launches it straight off the Harder chance. Forward Tabitha Chawinga charges it down, inexplicably not corralled by either of the two Bayern defenders. Grohs also doesn't come for it and Chawinga gets an easy goal.

72’ — Bayern shot!

How is it still 1-0? Harder collects in the pocket, this time from Zadrazil. The Bayern midfielder takes it neatly in her stride and fires a rocket, but can't beat the PSG keeper.

70’ — PSG chance!

Marie-Antoinette Katoto gets the better of Viggósdóttir, but keeper Grohs comes out to claim the ball.

62’ — Yellow for Stanway

It was coming. A professional foul after flying in on two tackles, the latter getting a stern first-half warning from the referee. Thin ice for the Bayern midfielder now.

53’ — PSG chance!

And it's a huge one. Sandy Baltimore wriggles through two Bayern defenders and finds captain Grace Geroyo, who takes a solid crack at goal. It's a real test for Bayern keeper Mala Grohs, and she rises to the challenge. Geyoro was just slightly off-balance as the shot came off.

47’ — Schüller nearly pounces!

A loose touch from a Paris center-back and the Bayern striker nicks it off her right in front of goal. No room to maneuver, however, and PSG clean up the mistake.

Half-time observations — Bayern Munich 1 - 0 Paris Saint-Germain:

  • As of now, Bayern is going to go through! After starting out second best, Bayern now looks totally in control.
  • On the other hand, PSG have to glance at the other scoreline to see if they will advance in the event of a loss today. Is the pressure getting to them just a little bit? They were in command of the game, and then totally fell apart.
  • Concentration. Do the Bayern Frauen have the focus and composure now to see this out? We have seen too many incredible conceded goals in this group stage already to expect anything other than another nail-biting finish.

39’ — Bayern chance!

Pernille Harder collects it in the hole and fires narrowly wide from range. After hardly looking to be in the match at all, the Bavarians have roared to life — and Paris look absolutely shaken.

Bühl follows immediately with a dangerous looping cross, narrowly cut out by a PSG defender. Bayern pouring on the pressure.

36’ — GOAAAAL!! Bayern 1 - 0 PSG

Instant redemption! Superb corner and it ping-pongs between Bayern defenders. Glódís Perla Viggósdóttir meets it first, and heads it across to Giulia Gwinn, who arcs it into the back of the net!

35’ — Bayern chance!!

Finally, the Bavarians get it right on the counter. Klara Bühl cuts it cleverly inside and places it perfectly to Pernille Harder, who squares it to Lea Schüller on the other side. It’s a golden chance, Schüller in space in the box, Paris at sixes and sevens. But she misses!

25’ — Bayern shot!

Sydney Lohmann gets a good look at goal from out wide after a throw in, and tries a long-range curler that fizzes wide.

16’ — PSG chance!

It’s the first big chance of the game as Paris slides a ball across the face of goal, but no one is at the far post to supply any real danger.

1’ — We’re underway!

Lineups out!

Match Info

Location: Munich, Germany

Time: 3:00 PM EST

TV/streaming: DAZN

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