After watching the loss to Bremen today, the only thing rolling around in my head over and over is that Bayern have a severe lack of chemistry right now.

It's almost like Bayern built a team on FIFA with an average player rating of 85-88, but the chemistry percentage is 30.

So many dropped passes today, no one was "reading the mind" of the man on the ball. This alone made Kane and Muisiala almost appear absent from the match.

We can go on and on about setup: I personally think there should have been a destroyer 6 sitting just at the back line the whole match, and wingers should have been making inverted runs again and again.. but that doesn't matter nearly as much as the fact that these guys play like they just. don't. know. each. other..

We should have been able to flood the box against a back 3, regardless of the low block, and create many chances. It just seems like they didn't try. At least not in the sense of trying to play like a team, and passing the glory to the open player.

I'm saddened to know that is likely the match that ended our Bundesliga title run streak, however, traditionally this means Bayern is about to get intense in the Champions League, so.. there is that. 11 titles is an amazing run, and we ought to be proud of the team. I know I am, even through the sting of todays performance.

All congratulations to Bremen, they played exactly how they needed to, and that goal was incredible.

Sharing your sadness and disappointment today, Bayern family.


Mia San Mia

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