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Three observations from Bayern’s shambolic 1-0 loss against a stubborn Werder Bremen

A dreadful performance and a truly dreadful watch.

FC Bayern München v SV Werder Bremen - Bundesliga
Bayern Munich player’s look on in dissapointment after a shocking 1-0 loss to Werder Bremen.
Photo by Sebastian Widmann/Getty Images

Werder Bremen earns their first victory over Bayern Munich at The Allianz Arena in 15 years.

A night to remember for Die Sphinx des Nordens and a night to forget for Die Rekordmeister.

A Tale of Two Ends: Bayern’s woes under Thomas Tuchel

Part 1: The Attack

The fact that Harry Kane only got his first attempt of the game in the 49th minute should tell you all you need to know about this game.

A truly dreadful attacking performance.

Bayern did well to win the ball back and move it into the final the final third, but that was the end of it. Slow play, sloppy passing, wayward shooting and a complete inability to create a clear cut chance, this Bayern side look devoid of all creativity.

It is understandable that it comes down to the players as well as the coach, but shock defeats are becoming more of a norm than an anomaly under Tuchel.

With an attack of Harry Kane, Leroy Sané, Kingsley Coman, and Jamal Musiala (not even mentioning the plethora of talent off the bench), you surely have to expect more from this Bayern side.

Part 2: The Defence

If Werder Bremen were a hot knife, Bayern looked like a piece of butter ready to be sliced into. Mind you, the knife wouldn’t even have to be hot. Heck, it could have been a spoon for all it matters.

Point is: Bayern are way too vulnerable in defence and particularly on the counter-attack.

Credit where credit is due, Werder Bremen had some good pieces of play to get into dangerous spaces. But this is a side that is sitting 12th in the Bundesliga. If Bayern can’t cope with that, then one can’t help but wonder what happens when they draw a team like Real Madrid in the Champions League.

The Ghost of Bayern Past

As if Bayern’s general performance wasn’t haunting enough, Mitchel Weiser’s left-footed rocket in the 59th minute would have been enough to give any Bayern fan nightmares.

It wasn’t just Weiser’s goal; the former Bayern man was an absolute menace. Marauding up and down Werder’s right flank, physically dominating Alphonso Davies, almost netting two goals and a heroic defensive display was more than enough to earn Weiser man of the match.

He sure looked every part the right-back that Bayern so desperately need right now.

Werder Bremen, immense in defence

As poor as Bayern were tonight, Werder Bremen were every part as good, especially in the defence.

No matter what Bayern mustered up in the attack, Bremen soaked it up, ultimately restricting Bayern to nothing but half chances.

Bremen’s back three of Niklas Stark, Marco Friedl (another former Bayern man) and Anthony Jung were disciplined and formed a seemingly impenetrable partnership at the back. A feat the Bayern backline can only dream of at this point.

Ultimately, Werder Bremen seemed to crack the code of Thomas Tuchel’s Bayern Munich side. A disciplined defensive display, a quick transition and taking your chances will leave you on the right side of the scoreline more often than not.

Bayern Munich have lost and it’s time for Tuchel’s reckoning. Is it time to sack him? INNN thinks so and he goes over it in our podcast. Listen to it below or on Spotify.

As always, we appreciate all the support!

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