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Bayern Munich executive Uli Hoeneß blasts Germany’s far right AfD party

Uli echoes sentiments held by the rest of the Bundesliga.

Memorial Service For Franz Beckenbauer Photo by Daniel Kopatsch/Getty Images

Uli Hoeneß has never been a man known to filter his thoughts. The former Bayern Munich president made a remark criticizing the right-wing Alternative für Deutschland or AfD party during the memorial service of the late Franz Beckenbauer (via Bild).

Drawing on the memory of the 2006 World Cup, Uli said the following:

“When the summer fairytale began, Herbert Grönemeyer would have sung: ‘Franz, you brought the sun to our country. Franz, you helped to give many foreign citizens a different view of our country.”

“The 2006 World Cup proved just how open and friendly our country can be,” said Hoeneß. “And who remembers how many thousands drove through the country with the black, red and gold flag? Because they were proud of our country. Ladies and gentlemen, we have to get back to that in our country, where everyone is proud!”

Hoeneß then added: “But I would like to emphasize very clearly that I do not want the AfD to be part of this process!”

Per Bild, the crowd broke out into applause when he uttered those words. Classic Uli. At a time when German football is rallying against the rise of the far-right in the country, Hoeneß’s words serve as a rallying cry. When the de-facto leader of the biggest football club in the country condemns the rise of far-right ideologies, people will surely listen.

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