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Bayern Munich’s Leroy Sané has a critic and a fan in Uli Hoeneß

Uli Hoeneß continues to keep a close eye on Bayern Munich players, encouraging them when necessary.

Manchester United v FC Bayern Munchen: Group A - UEFA Champions League 2023/24
Leroy Sané seems happy at Bayern Munich
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Bayern Munich’s Uli Hoeneß continues to ensure that players stay on their toes; Leroy Sané is the latest to benefit from Uli’s words. Any Bayern player of course knows that Uli Hoeneß is held in high regard; Sané is no different. However, when the former Bayern player and current honorary President calls Sané, he keeps the conversations short.

If Sané has a bad day, Hoeneß lets him know and, at the same time, offers him a shoulder. He is even willing to come down and see Sané if necessary. He maybe a critic but he is indeed a kind one! He is also generous with praise when Sané has a good game. Sané of course feels very happy when Hoeneß praises him as Sané knows just how much Bayern owes its success to Uli Hoeneß:

Sané on his relationship with Uli Hoeneß: “Uli Hoeneß’ word holds a lot of weight. That’s why I listen carefully to what he tells me. When Mr. Hoeneß calls, it’s never a long conversation. He calls me sometimes after bad performances and says: ‘You didn’t do well, Leroy. You have to do better’ - He then asks me: ‘What’s wrong. Do you need something, should I come over? Or do you want to come here’ - It’s a totally open exchange. After good games, he tells me: ‘Congratulations, Leroy. It’s going great. Keep it up’ - Hearing that from him makes me very happy. In the end, it’s Uli Hoeneß! He almost built the club by himself. I like talking to him and I’m grateful for his help and advice”

Hoeneß’s ability to build relationships with players is second to none! Hopefully, this relationship will be enough to convince Sané to extend his contract.

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