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Bavarian Grass Works: Like that shady guy at the end of the bar, FC Barcelona is selling grass

Munchies included.

FC Barcelona v Paris Saint-Germain - UEFA Champions League Round of 16: Second Leg Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Bayern Munich might have some nifty new turf, but there is other IMPORTANT grass news coming out of Catalonia.

It was bound to happen.

Levers have been pulled...shady financial dealings are abound...FC Barcelona will do ANYTHING to bring in some revenue — including sell grass.

However, it is not the kind of grass you are all probably thinking of (bunch of degenerates). There are no dime bags floating about. Instead, some of FC Barcelona’s homegrown, premium “Camp Nou” special will cost you a paltry €20 to €420 (nice!) depending on just how much grass you need and what kind of extras you want the grass laced with housed in.

Moreover, FC Barcelona is opening a grass dispensary, just to make sure this is all...regulated:

The club set up a stall where you can buy pieces of the last grass on which Barcelona competed at the Camp Nou.

The store’s options range from 20 euros to 50 euro. From dice to a small-scale sample of the Camp Nou, which is the one that is having the most success. On the club’s website, in fact, it is sold out. The grass is original, as proven by the signature of a notary. On the club’s website - although also sold out - a sample was also offered in a methacrylate rectangle for 80 euros and a frame for 420. There is still stock available for this last option.

Here is a visual for your pleasure:

️ This is how Barça sells the Camp Nou grass: next to the works and 50 euros per box.

The club has set up a store and offers several options, some for more than 400 euros.

The grass is original, as certified by a notary

In a simpler time, we would be campaigning all of you to “Just Say No” to grass, but instead — in these modern times — it is more apt to “Just Say No” to FC Barcelona.

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