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Harry Kane talks about leadership at Bayern Munich

Captain Harold!

Bayern Munich - FC Augsburg Photo by Tom Weller/picture alliance via Getty Images

Harry Kane was asked about his views on being a leader, and he revealed his thoughts on the situation at Bayern Munich in an interesting interview with Sport Bild.

“You can be a leader in different ways. Some lead with loud shouts on the pitch, others lead the way with their football. I want to lead with the way I train and play. I'm getting to know my teammates better every day. Whether as the captain of the English national team or as a player at FC Bayern, I want to lead the way,” remarked the English striker (as captured by @iMiaSanMia).

Something interesting about Kane's statement is that he mentioned two distinct types of leaders. Carlo Ancelotti captured it perfectly in his book ‘Quiet Leadership.’

Similar to Kane's description, Ancelotti coined the terms 'personality leaders': those who lead with loud shouts, and 'technical leader': those who lead by example.

Kane being a technical leader as he describes himself, while someone like Müller would be a personality leader, as well as a technical leader.

Kane went on, saying that he wouldn't need to change much to be a leader at Bayern.

“We have good leaders here. We talk to each other a lot, whether on the pitch or in the dressing room. I don't have to change much to be a leader,” said Kane.

Kane went on and identified one of our biggest flaws last season: set pieces, a flaw he saw in person in his first Bayern game vs. RB Leipzig. He said, as a leader, “I can help with that (set-pieces) and share my views.”

On potentially joining the team council, Kane noted, “I still don't know the plans of the club and the coach regarding that. I'd be happy to be part of it if I'm asked to. But regardless of whether I'm on the team council or not — if I have an opinion regarding a topic, I'll say it!”

It's interesting to see Kane quick to be involved in the club's leadership, despite him arriving only this summer. I'm sure all Bayern fans would love to have Kane donning the captain's armband soon.

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