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Fan club football tournament experience – a Bayern Munich perspective: 600th post special

Still going strong at BFW!


If you would’ve remembered, I wrote an article back in October about a friendly kickabout with Arsenal FC and Liverpool fans. Well, we were outclassed then. This time around, there’s an official fanclub tournament where each team would play against each other. The teams involved were Arsenal, Chelsea FC, Liverpool, Manchester United, FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Juventus and, of course, Bayern Munich.

It was a single round robin table format where we would play each team once and best three teams get podium finish. Well, we were outclassed again in all the matches save for the one against Barcelona. They were disqualified for fielding an ineligible player. Bayern then went 1-0-6 (at least we avoided 0-0-7 allegations and scored in two games, that alone was a win).

We tried to go for the win, but all the other teams had played before and are therefore gelled like a team whereas our team had come from a lot of places and had little time to practice together. Nevertheless, it was a fun experience and I had a great time with the lads that day. There were a couple of things that made the day better: me getting official merch from the club that they themselves sent over here (the official fan club here had contacted Bayern and they very kindly sent over some merch) and my brother earning MVP for the team (our best player). I will definitely be there when the next tournament kicks off!

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