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Bavarian Podcast Works: Postgame Show — Bayern Munich 7-0 VfL Bochum (Bundesliga)

Oops, Bayern did it again. They scored seven on Bochum.

FC Bayern München v VfL Bochum 1848 - Bundesliga Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

Well then.

Bayern Munich have done it again. Tasked with facing VfL Bochum, the Bavarian giants proved their giant status with a third 7-0 drubbing in just the last two seasons, and this performance may be the most convincing of all of them.

In a game that Bochum seemed to never be in, Bayern simply ran through the motions in high gear without skipping a beat, looking sharp throughout.

In this podcast, we go over the many factors that went into Bayern’s domination over Bochum:

  • A look at the starting XI and the systemic changes Thomas Tuchel employed from the previous few matches.
  • Where the system’s changes found new spaces and pockets for players to get creative and score from.
  • How the team’s defensive resilience and focus came back to the fore.
  • Why fans should be excited about Bayern and what we’ve learnt about the ever-evolving system.

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