Some discussions of Bayern's performances as of late have been heard and ranted about as you'd expect. Some takes regarding these lackluster performances have been positive, while others are seen to be harsh or negative, but perhaps that's the beauty of analysis and free speech.

[This is not an article which was purposefully made to persuade nor try to make the masses think alike. As a analyser, you'd ofcourse expect me to be unbiased and simply put forth my analysist]

When it comes to coaching, there's no questions about Tuchel being up there. He's a good coach, but not an elite one . Saying he's Elite would immediately put him Beside Pep, Klopp, Mourinho & Carlo A, which would totally be unfair to these other coaches. Football standards have changed vastly compared to olden one dimensional football (if I may say). Speaking of Tuchel, there are some factors which won't see him another major title with this Bayern team and to be fair, let's take them into consideration before we truly look at Tuchel:

1 . Current Wingers - poor Finishing Ability, mediocre crossing & final decision making.

2. No offensive leader under a youngster that's seen as a Müller descendant — still enjoying the power of the stoplight, without realizing that with power comes responsibility.

3. Midfield issues - Lack of stability

4. Lack of Mentality from most senior players

5. Lack of fighting spirit

6. Defensive issues, with the team not doing well to defend set pieces as a whole & CB's being world class but defending without any passion.

8 (Might be the biggest team issue) MANUEL NEUER. The true conductor of the defense.


These are some issues that Tuchel has to deal with. In all faith and fairness, one knows that all of these constraints have respective solutions but solving them would still leave other open end problems and the main being the COACHING STYLE of the manager. When you're good, you're suited for certain tasks. When you're Elite, you're suited for any task and so far, it's showing. Tuchel's style of football is unusual and works wonders when it WORKS. Whether it's dominant, or non dominant, Tuchel (in his whole career) is known for getting results. Whereas with Pep it's not only just about results, but beautiful football. Both not similar to Klopp, who keeps the tempo and intensity up regardless of team form. Regardless, each coach is different and does things differently. Now, let's look at Tuchel (excuse me for not being able to add tactical pictures. My account keeps on erasing them but I'll come up with a plan next time... I'll only be able to talk about his style, not tactics)


• Counter Football

• Soak up pressure

• Fullbacks breaking up play allowing numerical advantage in the midfield. WHAT YOU DIDN'T KNOW → It didn't work well against Man City, 1st Leg cause they already had a super midfield and now cause our fullbacks were in the middle, it basically left 2 CB's vs the whole of Man City's attack and Wingback's. That's one of the reasons why they almost embarrassed us hugely

• Defend with 5 men by deducting one man from the midfield (normally the DM, that's why he wants one) , with wingers staying further alittle to be ready to initiate counters


• transitions with a box-to-box midfield. While attackers run in, they create space for a MF to shoot from unusual angles [Too bad Kimmich & Goretzka aren't that fast to catch up with our wingers].

Just basic from Tuchel. It worked for him in the past, but problem with all of this starts from Bayern not pressing the way they should. They've stopped that so they can preserve energy for defending and counterattacks. Being non dominant with a team that knows only how to play dominant football is new and hard to play by. If you really think about it, have you ever seen a convincing Tuchel win besides the struggling Schalke (6-0) match day? I think not... with Tuchel, it feels like they're looking at his name in Europe more than his work , and that's not addressed enough.

Should Tuchel be Bayern coach [Opinion wise] : I think so

Should Tuchel be Bayern coach [Analysis] : Not at all.

His football style is what's slowing the team down. He keeps things simple to the point where they're too simple for other coaches to recognize, and start to give us problems. This has happened multiple times. You'd expect an "Elite" coach to always have a solution, but creativity from the coach's instructions to Players actions don't seem in sync or premeditated thoroughly. Regardless, Tuchel is still a good coach. But the true question is ; Considering all our talent (world-class) without any clue of what to do, should they be led by a simplistic coach? One that isn't enticed by getting out of his comfort zone? I don't know, I guess it's up to you as a fan to answer that since that's what Bayern is all about (MiaSanMia).

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