The tactics for German national team

As an avid fan of both Byaern and Germany, it pains my heart to say Flick must go. He has lost his one single advantage over other potential coaches of the national team, his connection with every player. I mean look at how they played. There was no passion, no effort, even no shame in losing. The image of only Thomas Muller coming to stand to appologize to the fans will forever haunt me.

However, considering that we only have less than a year before the Euro on home soil, the new coach must be selected carefully and ultilize suitable tactics. I believe that Flick has been overcomplicated things with playing Kimmich as a inverted wingback, Schlotterbeck as a somewhat hybrid between a fullback and a wide centerback. This makes the team lack coherent and takes too much team for players to get to their position, thus taking away the momemtum in attack and exposing ourself in defense.

German football had always been direct, simple and yet extremely efficient until we decided that it was time to play possession-based football. Therefore, I really hope that Klopp will take the wheel after Flick or, at least, someone who knows how to play pressing football cause that is what most of our national team players are playing at their clubs.

If any miracles happen and Flick keeps his job, please revert to how you did play at Bayern in 2020. A relentless 4-2-3-1 formation that aims at getting the ball to the opponent's box at soon as possible and stop with all the false-9 experiementation that has been failing since 2014.

My final word is please pair Muller with a proper striker if you are going to use him. The man can even assist Choupo-moting and Timo Werner for God's sake.

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