Do we believe in the coach?

Note: This is a repost of a comment made in an article regarding Palhinha. I'd genuinely like to know my fellow fans' opinions on Tuchel, and why many seem to support him so strongly in spite of his questionable record at Bayern.

I find it perplexing that people are still so high on Tuchel after the shitshow of last season. I honestly believed Tuchel was the best option after Nag's dismissal.

However he gave us the worst points per game ratio in recent memory (from an admittedly small sample size). In fact we have to go back to the 90s to find a permanent coach with worse numbers.

The biggest reason we even won the buli was that dortmund simply shat the bed, not because we put in performances worthy of a title. Sure, allowances have to be made for a sudden adjustment and putting his stamp on the team. But a 50% win rate simply doesn't cut it as Bayern coach.

We can talk about how he is "proven" in the EPL, but many coaches with immaculate credentials have failed at Bayern. Carlo lost the dressing room, and Pep should arguably have done better with all that he was given.

A clear pattern one can see with Tuchel is a habit of alienating management, and I don't think he will last the year unless he brings the A-game in all competitions with his dream squad (if he gets all his signings).

I want to have faith in Tuchel, but right now he has yet to justify it.

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