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Chasing perfection: Bayern Munich boss Thomas Tuchel knows he is hunting for the unachievable

The Bayern Munich coach has lofty goals.

FC Bayern München v AS Monaco - Pre-Season Friendly Photo by Sebastian Widmann/Getty Images

Bayern Munich manager Thomas Tuchel knows that he is chasing something that is not possible

“Being a perfectionist and football coach is a pretty disastrous combination. But you have to learn to accept that. Each of us makes mistakes,” said Tuchel. “What I find difficult to tolerate is when they have to do with a lack of concentration, willingness or attention.

“(I) am always looking for the perfect game — although I know that it doesn’t exist. I’m Sisyphus, who keeps rolling his stone up the mountain. This permanent search (for perfection) is also my motivation, my drive.”

While his Chelsea FC team was not nearly perfect back in 2021, Tuchel did push the squad to win the competition. The Bayern Munich manager said that the victory did not change his life the way he initially thought it would.

“It’s actually strange. You work hard for a dream, at some point it becomes a concrete goal — and when you have the Champions League trophy in your hands, it suddenly affects you a lot less than I thought,” said Tuchel. “If someone had told me that before If I said that, I might have been shocked. (It’s) a fleeting moment, you can’t hold on to it for long — but I want to experience it again, absolutely. That’s in me. After a few days it automatically continues with the anticipation of new goals.”

In the end, Tuchel just wants to put the squad in a position to win multiple trophies this season.

“We want to be champions, (to go) to the Pokal final in Berlin again, and in the Champions League. FC Bayern is always one of the title candidates,” Tuchel. “We want to make the fans happy in everything. There is room for improvement compared to last season, we are all aware of that. We didn’t meet the requirements there.”

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