Secret Potion for Bayern's Revival

I think everybody agrees that our team started going downhill after sacking Nageslmann last April. That was a big mistake caused by the men who were in charge then. Those men were fired later on after everybody saw that it was a very bad decision.

Now i am asking, since we know that it was a mistake, how come no one is thinking about un-doing it ?

Let's state some facts:

1- Juliann Nagelsmann is still under contract with Bayern and still getting his salary until he finds another team;

2- Thomas Tuchel is clearly not the best option for out team. Since April, i believe there's no game that we can consider as a good game. And after the supercup game, i think it's safe to say that the team is not doing any better with him.

3- Nagelsmann's team was having one weakness: The team was lacking a striker who can fill Lewa's place after his departure.

So, in order to not waste time and keep waiting for solutions that may never come, why not give Nagelsmann another chance with this team, another chance with a world class striker like Kane.

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