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Blindsided! Bayern Munich dumbfounded by Harry Kane’s purported change of heart

The Bayern Munich brass never saw it coming.

Tottenham Hotspur v Leicester City - Premier League Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images

According to a somewhat troubling report from Sport1 journalist Kerry Hau, Bayern Munich is completely dumbfounded by Harry Kane’s potential change of heart.

Earlier today, it seems as if everything was coming into focus for Bayern Munich. After weeks of painstaking negotiations, the club had finally agreed to a deal with Tottenham Hotspur for Kane.

Numbers were being bandied about until something weird happened. We started to see reports emerge that Kane was having second thoughts about a move. Those rumors have culminated with more noise that the Englishman could have a lucrative offer waiting for him next summer when he will be a free agent.

That status would allow him to go wherever he wants — including eager Premier League sides like Manchester United, Chelsea FC, Manchester City, and Liverpool FC — and probably earn a lot more than even the reportedly generous offer from Bayern Munich was going to pay.

Hau says that the Bayern Munich executive suite is completely perplexed (just like fans) by today’s events:

For FC Bayern it was clear from the beginning: Without the clear will and firm commitment of Harry Kane no negotiations with Daniel Levy.

Over the past few weeks, those responsible have maintained constant contact with Kane’s father Pat and brother Charlie and have never had the feeling that the player could change his mind.

If you are looking for a positive spin on the matter, Hau also says that Bayern Munich remains confident that a deal will happen:

As of now, there is still no final go from Kane, but there is still confidence among those responsible that the transfer will go through before the weekend. Everything is prepared!

Is that reckless hope, an aversion to reality, or does Bayern Munich really have the inside track as to what is happening?

But maybe the hope is not so reckless. Jan Aage Fjørtoft has been tied into many comings and goings with Bayern Munich of late and he thinks the issue is not between Kane and Bayern Munich, but between Kane and Tottenham. it might sound odd, but here is the latest:

For the sake of everyone involved, hopefully the final word on the matter comes shortly.

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