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Daniel Levy has a diabolical plan to thwart Bayern Munich and keep Harry Kane

Both Spurs and Bayern Munich fans will be able to agree on one thing after this ...

Chelsea v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League Photo by Robin Jones/Getty Images

So unless you’ve been living under a rock, you must know that Bayern Munich want to sign Harry Kane from Tottenham this summer. And, if you’ve been following this saga at all, you’ll know that Spurs chairman Daniel Levy wants to do everything in his power to keep the England captain. That means offering the player a massive pay rise to stay in London for the coming season and beyond.

Who will pay for this, you ask? Well the fans, of course! Spurs have officially revealed ticket prices for the coming season, and match day prices have soared by as much as 20% across the board. The source quoted seems distinctly unimpressed:

Last year, a Category A match ticket in the average supporter’s seat stood at £65. The price for next season has risen to £78, a 20% increase if you’re to rent yourself a seat.

Not only is Daniel Levy the highest-paid chairman in the League, but there’s also soon to be an announcement of a World Record matchday revenue of £125m.

Levy’s personal earnings surged to a handsome figure of £3.265m in 2022, compared to his already large retirement fund of £2.698m the previous year.

For comparison, Bayern Munich have Category A seats at the Allianz Arena (the most expensive available outside of corporate seating) prices at €80 for the coming season. At current exchange rates, that would be around £68 — or to put it another way, Spurs’ ticket would cost €91.25. And Bayern Munich are not a cheap team by Bundesliga standards.

It seems like a severe blow to supporters of a team that are infamous for not winning everything, but maybe we’re just looking at it the wrong way. Maybe Daniel Levy was forced to do this, because big bad Bayern made a bid for Kane. He has no choice but to offer one of the best strikers in the world an extra £100k per week, because without his goals Spurs may not even make the top half of the table next season.

In any case, if the stalemate between the two clubs on the Kane transfer continues, Bayern Munich and Tottenham fans may be forced to agree for once. We all hate Daniel Levy. Someone get a banner and attach it to an airplane, please.

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