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Bavarian Podcast Works: Postgame Show — Germany 0-2 Colombia (International Friendly — RANT EDITION)

How low can Germany go?

International Friendly”Germany v Colombia” Photo by ANP via Getty Images

When does Bayern Munich re-start again?

That was...terrible.

Germany looked aimless and lacked energy and got the result that it deserved in a 2-0 loss to Colombia. The game looked like it mattered to the Colombians, while the Germans ambled around hoping that something good would happen (Hint: Nothing good happened).

Let’s find out if you are as bitter as me! As Stringer Bell once told Brother Mouzone and Omar Little, let’s “get on with it”:

  • A look at the starting lineup and a breakdown of the scoring.
  • Where is the pride on this German team? Colombia was energetic, brash, and talking junk...and Germany withered under the stress of it all.
  • Nothing is good...not the attack, nor the midfield, nor the defense. They are all terrible right now.
  • Hansi Flick is assuredly in some danger.
  • Where does it go from here? And why the players need to take some heat as well.

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