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500 posts and counting: One year at Bavarian Football Works

Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana.

FC Bayern Muenchen Extends Contract With Thomas Mueller Until 2024 Photo by M. Donato/FC Bayern via Getty Images

In what seemed like no time at all, I have officially completed one year at Bavarian Football Works! It really has been one year since I got in and now, I’m writing this article to celebrate yet another milestone: the 500th article I’ve written on the site! I can remember the day I got the email that said I’m in and got so excited that I wrote my first article later that day. The first article that got published was when Robert Lewandowski was still one of ours; my most commented article still featured the same two parties:

I’d like to thank everyone that I’ve met here: Chuck and INNN for showing me the ropes, RLD for giving bits of wisdom and for being a father figure (might actually be older), Muller_Era for being a great friend behind the scenes, Tom for being a Liverpool fan, Samrin, zippy, Schnitzel, and the rest of the staffers, and of course to our wonderful commenters (apart from the ones I blocked, all 76 of you).

It has been a real pleasure being able to write about Bayern Munich, the German national football team, and everything in between. Here’s to another 500!

Part 2

A few days ago, I got to meet our national team during a meet-and-greet and it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. Two of them had played or is playing in Germany: Stephan Schröck (who played for Greuther Fürth, Hoffenheim, and Eintracht Frankfurt) and Sandro Reyes (Greuther Fürth II). I could’ve interviewed either of them but there was so many of us there that we settled for the one-on-ones.

Eintracht Frankfurt v FC Bayern Muenchen - Bundesliga For DFL
Here’s “Schrocky“ going after a ball against Franck Ribery
Photo by Dennis Grombkowski/Bundesliga Collection via Getty Images

I drove down there and had a blast; not only did I get to meet some of my childhood heroes (and their successors), but the spread was lovely and being me, I had one of everything.

I also had a nice evening stroll in the city since the event concluded before nightfall, and linked up with my family for dinner and even more strolling in the city before we headed home, but not before a large cup of Tim Hortons before driving home.

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