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Uli’s Choice: One of Oliver Kahn, Hasan Salihamidzic could be dismissed by Bayern Munich this summer

It’s not looking likely that both Kahn AND Brazzo will still be in their jobs after the May 22nd meeting with the supervisory board.


Despite Bayern Munich’s front office facing a great deal of scrutiny due to the decision to replace Julian Nagelsmann with Thomas Tuchel which has coincided with their poor run of form, the supervisory board isn’t planning on making any personnel changes until after this season. Oliver Kahn has taken the brunt of the criticism, and both he and Hasan Salihamidzic will be meeting with the club’s supervisory board on May 22nd to discuss their futures, or lack thereof, with the club.

It’s been reported that Kahn’s job (CEO) is significantly more at risk than that of Salihamidzic’s (sporting director), but nothing will be decided until on, or after, the meeting at the end of the month following the conclusion of the season. Whether or not Bayern lift the Meisterschale will have little to do with the decisions they wind up making, as only winning the Bundesliga title would still be considered to be a below par season for FC Bayern.

Per new information from Sky Sport’s Florian Plettenberg, at least one of Kahn or Brazzo will be out of a job at the club after the meeting with the supervisory board. He states that it’s “almost impossible” that the pair would continue working alongside one another in their roles within the club’s front office. He adds that Brazzo is still very much appreciative of the backing from the club’s higher ups, including Uli Hoeness, who was recently revealed that he still has a lot of influence when it comes to certain decisions made at the club.

With this new information, it would seem that Kahn is the more likely candidate to be dismissed of his duties by the club. He’s also more than likely going to be up for election for a spot on the DFL’s executive board and he still sits on the executive board for the ECA. If he were relieved of his duties as CEO of Bayern, he could, in theory, focus more on those roles, but it still remains to be seen what, exactly, will happen with the supervisory meeting come May 22nd, and whether or not Bayern have been crowned Bundesliga champions.

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