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Match awards from Bayern Munich’s complete dismantling at the hands of RB Leipzig

This was not supposed to end that way for Bayern Munich.

FC Bayern München v RB Leipzig - Bundesliga Photo by Alex Grimm/Getty Images

Jersey Swap: Konrad Laimer

There is absolutely no surprise or debate involved in this award for those who watched the game. As someone who has advocated for future Bayern Munich midfielder Konrad Laimer time and again, let me reemphasize: he is a machine at midfield. Not a single player for Leipzig worked as hard as the Austrian did tonight. Relentlessly pursuing every Bayern player in possession and initiating some of the best duels tonight, Laimer has proven himself to be worthy of his position at Bayern when he arrives in June.

Der Kaiser: Matthijs de Ligt

The last 30 minutes of the game were among the most embarrassing moments a Bayern fan could ever face. Laimer essentially steamrolled the entire Bayern defense and midfield and pointed out every incompetence the team has. However, even in these dark times, Matthijs de Ligt was probably the only bright spit. Quite frankly speaking, De Ligt has done pretty much everything right since his arrival here. He might be the only undisputed starter at centre-back, and with good reason. Slick passing, a low reaction time and work rate required to be a centre-back for Bayern are just some of the qualities he possesses. Most of his potential as an attacking centre-back remain untapped and one can only wonder what’s next if the right setup and circumstances arise for the Dutchman to level his game further up.

Der Fußballgott: Joshua Kimmich

I truly and seriously wish I could not give Joshua Kimmich the award. Then again, the situation warrants it.

Kimmich is a wonderful player, there’s no doubt about it. I’m often his biggest fan and have no negative comments about his work. However, as far as today’s game was concerned, it is clear that Kimmich was not enough. He may be a brilliant player, but there is still a long way to go for the captain. In order to remain the player taking set pieces, he’ll have to start showing substantial improvement in the same. Though he is the only player in midfield putting any actual effort (Leon Goretzka has been terrible), it is sometimes frustrating to watch him handle situations. Unlike Laimer, he does not have a defined role at midfield and that boggles me. What is truly the requirement of the hour is for Kimmich to adopt to a specific role, and be complemented with a co-midfielder who is actually to the Bayern level.

Der Bomber: Robbery Serge Gnabry

You know it remains a sorry state of affairs when your retired attackers in the visitor’s box have more attacking output than the players on pitch do.

While Serge Gnabry has emerged a source of goals and has a decently reliable finishing skillset, he is simply not enough. His attacking efforts in the first half were barely enough. The worst part remains that he is the only player with a finishing skill-set. With all that said, however. the goal was a memorable and good one.

Meister of the Match: —

Not a single player was good enough to deserve the MoTM. Substantial and highly necessary improvements better be on the way because the team is in a horrible decline.

Want more thoughts on that absolute debacle of a match between Bayern Munich and RB Leipzig? Check out our postgame podcast for our thoughts on where everything went wrong, why Bayern Munich collapsed in this match (and in this season), and who needs to be looking over their shoulder moving forward at the club. You can listen on Spotify or below:

As always, we appreciate all the support!

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