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The Battle of Sendling: What happened during the brawl between Bayern Munich and 1860 Munich fans

A renewed rivalry?

TSV 1860 Muenchen II v FC Bayern Muenchen II - Regionalliga Bayern Photo by Micha Will/Bongarts/Getty Images

1860 Munich were the chief rivals of record champions Bayern Munich; 1860 were also the preferred club from Munich in the olden days and not Bayern which the latter had to work hard for to gain status as the number one Munich club. 1860 slid downwards as Bayern stayed up which meant that a rivalry between Die Löwen and the Rekordmeister wasn’t as fierce as other rivalries; they shared the Allianz Arena until 2017. Now, you may have seen a video of Bayern fans attacking 1860 fans after the latter’s 2-2 draw in Essen on May 14 at 10:15 PM, something uncommon of the times. So, what gives?

Well, Tz suspects that the clash was arranged beforehand; both parties agreed that they would come to blows at a given time. These fights normally happen away from the grounds in rather secluded areas (the cases in England were a bit different because most of the fights between fans happened inside the grounds as a climax of conflict outside the grounds).

But the area in which Bayern attacked 1860 (Implerstraße in Sendling, Munich) was a densely populated area in which no sane individual would cause damage in, so it is therefore likely that the Bayern hooligans ambushed their 1860 counterparts, who had stored their ultras material nearby (instruments, banners, etc). Apparently, Bayern lost a banner in 2011 that ended up in the hands of Nürnberg fans which met its untimely demise.

True? Not true? Only the participants know, but many in Munich are wondering why it all went down like this.

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