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Holy mole-y! Bayern Munich’s Thomas Müller has verbal exchange with Bild journo

As Bayern Munich turns...

FC Bayern München v FC Schalke 04 - Bundesliga Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

After Bayern Munich’s 6-0 demolition of Schalke 04, one of the game’s stars, Thomas Müller, addressed the big stories from last week with Bild’s Christian Falk.

Like him or not (some Bayern Munich fans do, some, well, do not), Falk is one of the most “looped in” Bayern Munich journalists in the field. This week, Bild reported that Müller was contemplating leaving the club, which set off a string of reports, including some reactions from club executives.

Regardless, Müller and Falk had a chance for a little back-and-forth, which went something like this:

Falk: “BILD reported that there was a conversation between the Bayern bosses and you during the week. Did you tell the bosses that you will be playing for FC Bayern next season?”

Müller: “Yes. At least one report this week was true. There are these conversations every now and then. Even sometimes at the kitchen table. In the case it was in the office of OIiver Kahn. We talked about the situation of the club and my situation. It’s actually not as dramatic as it might have been made out to be.”

Say what you want, but the duo definitely have some sort of relationship that allows this type of repartee:

Falk: “We had the same conversation in 2019. I had done the same article then. Two years later, you confirmed that it was true that you wanted to leave.”

Müller: “Yes, but that was a completely different situation. If it is written about me, then I also find that perfectly fine. Only where I now also had a problem with one of your articles, was that the reader was conveyed that I think and feel that. And thinking about parting, that has no place here at all. We are in the championship fight, my heart is redder than red.”

Hmmm...okay, but what happens after the championship is put to bed? That might be a story for another day, which Falk tried to lure out of the 33-year-old.

Falk: “Then you’re not thinking about a change?”

Müller: “No. But you know what, Falki? I scored the 1:0 today. I think I’ll get a minute or two of playing time, too, and then I’ll be there.” (laughs)

Well...there you have it. Just a couple of business partners old friends professionals engaging in a little chatter.

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