BFW know more than Tuchel

When Thomas Tuchel started in Munich, many of his decisions were criticized by football fans sharing their opinions on the BFW website. Especially, not using the right team selection, or playing the men in wrong positions. Looking at the game against Schalke, one might have thought that the newly appointed coach has listened to some advice from the comment section, and it finally worked.

The most obvious one: Thomas Müller has to play. He has showed again why he is valued so much at FC Bayern. There is no other player in the team who can come up with something unexpected in crowded spaces. His leadership skills also bring fuel to the machine. This mainly help younger players such as Jamal Musiala. Both Musiala and Müller play better when they are on the pitch together. Experience combined with energy seem to be the right ingredients for our attacking midfield.

Defensive setup: Everybody knew that. Mazraoui is the best right back, and Pavard should play in the centre. Why did we ever try something different?

Gnabry as a striker: Not having a typical number 9, many fans suggested that Gnabry might be the best option for this position while we don't find somebody more suitable playing as a striker. And he seems to be finding his form again.

Give Tel a chance: How many times did you read it here? Give that boy a chance and he will score. And what did you see? Of course, he scored!

4-1-4-1: Well, there was not much debate about this specifically, but many asked for Goretzka to have some rest. And it appeared that the system with one central (defensive) midfielder, two central attacking midfielders and two wingers might suit FC Bayern quite well. If we could rewind a few weeks back, and play Man City again, this would be the right setup for those games.

Why is it so difficult for the coaches to realize it when it was so obvious to the fans?

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