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Bavarian Fashion Works: Bayern Munich’s new away kit has been leaked

What in God’s name is this?

Arsenal v FC Bayern Muenchen - UEFA Champions League Round of 16 Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Bayern Munich’s new away kit for the 2023/24 season has been leaked.

The kit is black, as has been stated by many previous leaks. However, the leaked final version is a huge departure from anything that fans may have thought of.

For starters, the borders of the kit are a neon purple, a new color for Bayern kits. The adidas stripes are purple as well. The adidas logo and Bayern logo are both light green, not too dissimilar from the mintstrocity from 2018/19. That’s not a good sign.

As if that wasn’t enough, the whole kit is speckled with small luminous diamonds, which pay homage to the Bavarian flag. The look may have been better if the diamonds were a more traditional color, like red, white, or gold. However, the diamonds are also green and purple. Overall, the kit looks like someone took a picture of outer space and put it on a football shirt. It may not sound that bad, but it looks pretty jarring.

There had been rumors that green and purple would be the accompanying colors for the new away kit, and many fans had already expressed their concern on how it would turn out, since both colors are not exactly what one would call traditional Bayern hues. While it is currently unclear as to whether the leak is the final draft of the shirt, it definitely won’t be sitting well with the ultras. The kit looks more like something the Guardians of the Galaxy would suit up in (by the way, is anyone excited for Guardians Volume 3? Marvel has been so underwhelming since Avengers: Endgame, but James Gunn has always delivered, so…)

The kit will likely be released in June or July. We’ll keep you updated on any new leaks that might pop up.

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