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Bayern Munich boss Thomas Tuchel talks Uli Hoeneß encounter

The former president still looms large at Bayern Munich.

Training FC Bayern Munich Photo by Christian Kolbert/picture alliance via Getty Images

Earlier this week, Bayern Munich Master of Puppets club legend Uli Hoeneß took a trip down to the training ground at Säbener Straße and had an “animated discussion” with manager Thomas Tuchel.

For days now, people have wondered what exactly Hoeneß was talking to Tuchel about.

At his press conference ahead of the Hertha Berlin match, Tuchel had some fun when asked about the encounter.

“Uli wanted to give his opinion on the [Mainz] game,” Tuchel said (as captured by “When two emotionally driven people talk, it gets emotional. He actually wanted to let me know which players were truly playing this past weekend. I was basically in agreement. He also wanted to say hello. I was prepared for that.

“When he’s in the building, he comes by and says hello. We chat for fifteen minutes and exchange ideas. Because of course he cares about the club, it’s his club. He wants to have information and offer his opinion. That’s clear, he’s opinionated. I would be ill-advised not to listen. I know how you can interpret it. ‘Oh, now Uli Hoeneß is coming and there’s additional pressure.’ I think it’s the other way around. It just shows that he cares, that it touches him, that he wants to pitch in. If it’s a sign, then it’s more of a positive sign, because his messages are positive. There is no added pressure, on the contrary. He knows that there is strength in calm.”

The presence of Hoeneß is starting to loom large over Bayern Munich once again as the current executive suite is taking on heat. Establishing a relationship with Tuchel could be serving a number of purposes for the former club president and it will not be shocking to see a little more of Hoeneß around the team until things settle down a bit.

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