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The FCB Files: Bayern Munich’s History with Moles – Part 1

Welcome to this brand new series! Today, we will talk about the history of the Bayern Munich.

Freiburg-Bayern München: Jürgen Klinsmann Photo by Rolf Haid/picture alliance via Getty Images

Being “FC Hollywood”, Bayern Munich are no stranger to mild controversies, and none have been more consistent over the years than an insider leaking information to the press. As we all know, Julian Nagelsmann’s game plan for Bayer Leverkusen was found in public media; so was the news of his sacking after he lost that game. Bayern apparently have a long history of leaks to the public, let’s see what happened (via Sport1):

1996 – Jürgen Klinsmann’s contract

Bayern’s center forward Jürgen Klinsmann complained in 1996 that contract details ended up in the public domain: “I’m just waiting for my entire contract to appear as a copy in the Bild newspaper,” he said angrily.

The first such case of an internal leak in Munich was in the mid-1990s. Although Jürgen Klinsmann was an unsuccessful manager for Bayern, he was better off as a player and suited up for the Bavarians from 1995 to 1997. He was offered a new contract and the terms of which ended up in the media and he was none too happy about it.

This mole evidently started a trend that would plague the club for the next 27 years.

Question: Who do you think is the mole?

Let us know in the comments!

Watch out for Part 2 coming out soon!

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