Be patient with Tuchel guys... And maybe the board too

I have never been a fan of Tuchel, don't like him much overall. But pointing fingers at him is lashing out against the wrong guy. Imagine Nags stayed, we finish the season poorly (not saying this was bound to happen, I actually had high hopes of winning the UCL), Tuchel comes and gets bad results in pre season games. Is he a flop? Maybe, but not yet. The ones who decided to make a pre season gamble during the most important part of the season was not Tuchel, it was the board.

Did Tuchel pressure the board to hire him early? Maybe. Does that talk about his work ethics? I think so, hence I don't like him much as I said (this definitely didn't give him any points). Is he gonna flop at Bayern for screwing this season? Not necessarily. The ones that killed this promising season were the board and their rushed decisions. Maybe Tuchel gets it right, maybe he flops next season, but he needs time and at least one transfer market to plan the squad and a dozen games to get them greased and running.

Now, let's talk about the bigger fish in this lake full of shit. Do the board need to go? At this point, I would like that. However, I think they'll stay, and if they do, I hope they learn about this experience (and a few othes) and make the next critical decisions right. I am not gonna hope for them to implode Bayern just to have the satisfaction of seeing them go, and I kindly ask you to not do it as well.

I am as mad as the next Bayern fan, but just imagine this season is over, didn't end well, and let's wait for the next with the hope and positivity that most Bayern fans feel at the start of each season.


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