Six reasons why it’s over

Six reasons why the season ended earlier than expected

Attack – scoring loads of goals or not?

When Bayern lost the excellent striker, Robert Lewandowski, the bosses decided to sign a winger Sadio Mané to replace him even though there were already several wingers in the squad. However, the first half of the season (or three quarters) did not suggest massive problems in the attack. Bayern scored 21 goals in 8 matches in the Champions League and 72 in 25 Bundesliga matches. Scoring goals was definitely not an issue until then. But later on, everybody somehow lost faith in their scoring abilities and it affected the team’s performance in the key matches. When Choupo-Moting was not available towards the end of the season, it seemed to be impossible to play without him and the team was not able to find a system without the one man in the center. Striker-less systems are nothing new in football and may mean a fluid attacking trio. It was a bit surprising that the team had to rely so much on a player that was initially only a backup plan.

Midfield – staff shortage

Kimmich and Goretzka were required to play every game. There is nobody else in the squad who can do their job. Overload is never good.

Defense – an open day

The defense is often chaotic. Even though we conceded 0 goals in 7 matches in the UCL, Man City exploited this as much as many opponents in the Bundesliga who easily ran into spaces whenever they wanted to.

Keeper – is not a sweeper

Yan Sommer is a very good goalkeeper, but he is not Manuel Neuer. He is not 100% confident playing as a sweeper, getting into combinations with the defenders, and receiving passes while standing inches from the goal line with two attackers pressing on him. But the team insisted on doing this to him. It was just fuelling the chaos in the defense.

Key players lost the form

What was the reason for this? Not only at Bayern, but also the German national team could not rely on their stars and was eliminated from the tournament very early.

Change of the coach – a mess in the cabin

A spy in the cabin, Nagelsmann fired within minutes because of the "treble at risk ", the fight between Mané and Sané. All of this within a few weeks. The season until then was not ideal, mainly in the Bundesliga, but generally was going in the right direction. The team was still in all competitions. But suddenly, the board wanted to create some drama, changed the coach spontaneously, and ruined the whole season within 24 hours.

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