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Report: Julian Nagelsmann clashed with Sadio Mane leading up to his sacking by Bayern Munich

Apparently it happened after the PSG game, Mane was not happy about being used as a substitute.


We have to be wary with news like this, since it comes from Bild and they have a reputation for publishing anything. So, take this next report with a grain of salt. According to this paywalled story, all was not harmonious at Bayern Munich even after the biggest win of the season.

Per Bild, Sadio Mane angrily confronted Julian Nagelsmann in front of the rest of the players in the dressing room, after being given only eight minutes in the game that saw Bayern advance to the quarter-finals of the Champions League. They claim that the coach was “intimidated” by Mane’s angry speech, which is why he started the following game vs Augsburg.

This report seems a little unbelievable, for a variety of reasons:

  • First of all, we’re talking about Mane here. He’s been nothing but professional since coming to Munich, and his reputation doesn’t indicate that he’s difficult to work with. Bild’s anecdote flies in the face of that.
  • Why did Bild find out about this news only now? The second leg vs PSG happened weeks ago. Was their mole hibernating for the winter? Or did Nagelsmann’s sacking prompt a change of heart somewhere?
  • Mane starting against Augsburg proves nothing. The starting XI had gone unchanged for three games in a row and the main starters needed a break. He was also long overdue for a start.

Given what we know, it’s hard to take this very seriously. Yet, if Julian Nagelsmann did have these behind-the-scenes problems with the players that we didn’t know about, it would certainly explain his sacking. Hasan Salihamidzic would be especially upset if he found out that his prized signing of the summer was arguing with the head coach after one of the biggest games of the season.

Perhaps it was just one in a long line of incidents. Whatever it was, we hope that these moments no longer happen under Thomas Tuchel, who just took over training.

More importantly, though, who leaked this story to Bild?

The mole strikes again.

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