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Bayern Munich’s Sadio Mané looks back on his transfer to the Bundesliga

The Bayern Munich forward had lots of interesting thoughts on the quality of the league.

FC Bayern München v 1. FC Union Berlin - Bundesliga Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

Bayern Munich made a blockbuster move for Liverpool veteran Sadio Mané last summer. The signing was meant for the Senegalese forward to replace the departing Robert Lewandowski. Since then, Mané has been both hot and cold for Bayern Munich but now returning from injury, he is looking to be a large contributor.

When looking back on his transfer to Bayern Munich, the newcomer had plenty to say. “I never had doubts. When I decided to leave Liverpool, I only wanted to go to Bayern, to the Bundesliga. I know the league from my time in Salzburg, I didn’t watch Premier League back then, but the Bundesliga. Bayern was very attractive to me back then,” Mané told Sport Bild.

Often the Bundesliga is seen as a development league for the Premier League but Mané sees things quite differently. “I get a different feedback even from my former colleagues in the Premier League. I’m sure that we’ll soon see more Premier League players coming to the Bundesliga,” said Mané.

Mané went on to add that the league is tight and balanced with a great atmosphere.

“It’s often said that the Premier League is tougher and more physical. Many people think that way. On the pitch here, I noticed: ‘Wow! The players here are really strong’ — the Bundesliga is at least as physical as the Premier League,” Mané said.

Mané concluded his remarks by adding that many teams play high pressing which he really enjoys. It sure looks like Mané is happy with his choice. We are happy to have you too Sadio.

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