Halftime. Cut!

Note: this article has been revised on the night of 03 April 2023 (UTC +8).

The title shown above does not necessarily pertain to the fusion of football and filmmaking. Sure, one of the nicknames of our club is "FC Hollywood", due to loads of drama going on, especially recently. In this article, it has less to do with drama (and club and German national team matters) and more to do with one of our own players being back on TV for something totally unrelated to club or national team events (i.e. not documentary-related).

For those who may have missed it, Joshua Kimmich, who will soon be the future captain of the club and the national team, appeared in an episode of "Tatort", a TV series in Germany. From what the author of this article read from other sources, it appears our future captain filled in the role of a fitness trainer in that episode, by the name of "Kenny". With that, it is his second appearance on the screen, big or small (apart from sports), as he already appeared in a movie a few years ago, alongside two other Bayern players at the time. You may watch the clip below, as posted by @iMiaSanMia_en a few weeks ago (as of the time this article was edited).

Even with his cameo appearance, based on what he commented, he not only got to experience being on the set with the role he was given, but he also had fun doing so. As it turns out, Kimmich is drawn into the show by his wife, Lina. Furthermore, based on what he said, he watches the show with his wife on Sunday evenings, but only if there is time to do so and after putting their children to bed. At least we now know one of the things he may be doing when off-duty. Looks highly relatable, right?

Just reading the tweet's comments section, the author could not help but pay attention to them. One user said that it should have been Leon Goretzka who should ideally take the role of a fitness trainer (no prizes for guessing why). Another mentioned that, because he looks strict, he should be a general. One even commented he is multi-talented (an all-rounder). Another user even captured a frame in that clip of him drinking a blended drink to make it a meme.

For those who just watched the clip above, it is easy to notice that he still sports a moustache, at least at the time. This indicates that the whole episode was taped before this season, and certainly before the double whammy that is underperforming in the Nations League (including losing against Hungary at home) and getting eliminated before the knockout stage of the World Cup for the second consecutive tournament, both in the same half-year. Given that he already cameoed in a movie before, could this mean that Kimmich will become an actor, as some on Twitter (in the same tweet attached above) also say, after hanging up his boots? If so, which genres will he heavily feature in? It is anyone's guess in both cases.

Also, as a sidenote before concluding this piece, the German national team just had two friendly matches right before Der Klassiker, against Peru and Belgium, respectively. While they were just that, friendlies, they still serve as a barometer of the trajectory of the national team's performance later down the line. We certainly cannot forget what happened recently, in both the Nations League and the World Cup, as the results still caught us off-guard. In spite of the loss against Belgium (even though that was just a friendly match), with Kimmich having captained the German national team in both friendlies (a possible sign on who will captain the national team in EURO 2024), the author here is hoping that he will help drive the entire national team to success, especially with EURO 2024 coming next year on German soil.

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